Dr. Njeeb Mansoor Alaoj
Born on 15.5.1968. In Governorate of Ibb - Republic of Yemen


· Bachelor in Engineering Mining Constructions.

· Master in Engineering Economics.

. PhD in Engineering.   

Participation in non-governmental organizations

· Honorary President of the Shalaa Club(currently).

· Member of Yemeni Geographers Society (currently).

· Member of the Engineers Society (currently).

· Honorary Vice President of the Wehda Tarim Club - Hadramout (currently).

· President of Al-Shalaa Club (previous).

· Head of Monitoring and Control Department in the Yemeni Geological Society.

· President of several Charities, Non-organization and Civil Society Organizations.  

· Head Department of External Relations and Emigrants in the National Organization for Electoral Monitoring.

· Vice-President of the Yemeni Football Association.

· Member of the High Commission for contests for the Yemeni Football Association.

· Vice-President of the Sports and Cultural Association Club in Ibb.

· Member of the E-Government Committee of the Consultative Council.

· Member of several charities.

· Researcher in oil and gas domains.

· Member of the Association of the sons of revolution militants.

· Honorary Vice President of Yemen Youth Forum.

Studies and Research

· Study about the Gas Fleet in Yemen.

· The Energy in Yemen (ESCWA).

· The Renewable Energy - uses and solutions.

· Facilitate the governmental procedures in Yemen (‎field study).  

· E-government and its role in reducing administrative bureaucracy.

· Environmental Sides in Gas carrier fleets.

· The main program in the environment (the importance of maintain environment in scientific principles).

. Several of studies in political and artistic.

Training Courses

· Project planning and evaluation course for senior management leaderships (Arab Foundation for Construction and Development) from 19.9.1998 till 15.10.1998.

· English language courses (Canadian Institute – Sana'a).

· English language courses (Oxford University – London).

. Computer courses (Oxford University – London).

· Environmental policies course - Arab Planning Institute. Kuwait.

· Analysis of environmental impacts course – Kuwait.

· Economic methods in environmental analysis.

· Environmental Economics.

· ‎Exhaustible resources Managing.

· Senior management course – Egypt.

· Computer course - Oil Training Center.


· E-Government Conference in Egypt, Cairo 2002.

· Astronomical Science Conference – Italy, Bologna 2002.

· Conference of Transforming into an E-organization in the Arab world (Challenges and Requirements) Egypt, Cairo 2002.

· World Gas Summit Conference - Qatar 2004.

. Informatics Summit Conference - Tunisia as part of Yemen's delegation 2005.

· Chemical and Petrochemical Industries Conference – Jordan 2005.

· Third E-Government Conference in Gulf Cooperation Council – Dubai 2005.

· Many local and international conferences and seminars.

. Member of the Arab delegation for the development of Arab-American relations (Washington 2012).